Hasbro Transformers Titans Return Autobot Topspin & Freezeout Figure Review


Autobot Topspin was originally part of the 1985/1986 Generation One toy line and Hasbro brought back the vintage toy’s appearance in this modern update of him. While the vintage toy line did not have a Targetmaster or Headmaster Preceptor, the Titans Return version comes with a Titan Master Freezeout figure, Just like the vintage toy, Topspin transformers into a Cybertronian vehicle/spaceship. Topspin has one of the more complex transformers for a deluxe class Transformers figure, and it will take someone with a bit of knowledge to figure out the Transformation. Freezeout is the Titan Master in this set, and can become his head in robot mode, and also the pilot for the vehicle mode.

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Availability: May 2017


Autobot Topspin is a modern update to his Generation One counterpart, that was first introduced to the toy line back in 1985. Topspin has a bulkier sculpt in robot mode compared to the rest of the wave, which includes Sergeant KupQuake, Krok, and Preceptor. Compared to the vintage figure, this update is painted in a lighter shade of blue, but keeps the blue, off-white, silver, orange and red color scheme to identity the character. Some of the details and various colors were actually stickers at one time on the vintage figure, which included the Autobot logo on his chest, the detail on the wings, as well as the orange deco on the vents.

The paint apps and plastic only use a handful of colors, and where the real money was spent creating the figure was the sculpt. The wings are on a swivel joint in both robot and vehicle mode, and the big backpack that becomes the cockpit in vehicle mode doesn’t interfere with the figures ability to stand, as the feet and legs are nice and sturdy. The articulation is what you would expect of the modern Transformers figures, with the exception of the wrists being unable to swivel.


The head sculpt is very nicely detailed and features a good likeness to the character. The faceplate itself is painted silver, with a metallic blue visor, and a blue helmet with some yellow deco at the center over the head.


Freezeout is the Titan Master that can become the head, as well as the pilot in vehicle mode. The head, arms and lower legs are blue, and the center of the body and upper legs are white.




Once transformed, Topspin becomes a Cybertronian spaceship that features large engines in the back that pays homage to the vintage release, an opening cockpit, folding landing gear, two pegs for Freezeout to stand on, and the blasters can be stored underneath the wings. The design is very impressive, and certainly looks alien enough. The only part of the vehicle that can move are the wings, and cockpit. The rest of the vehicle’s joints are locked into place. The only problem here is fitting Freezeout into the cockpit, and it may require a little force to push him in deep enough so that the canopy can close. In addition, the two guns can be jointed together, but placing this combined weapon in his hand in robot mode creates stress marks due to the hand being too small. Which is likely one reason this particular feature isn’t in the instructions.

Overall, Topspin makes a great figure and a great homepage to the Generation One toy. Fans of the Generation One will remember and recognize the character, which can now be owned once again in classic colors and great sculpting.