Bif Bang Pow! Hall Of Justice Playset & Justice League Pin Mates Review


This year, Bif Bang Pow! expanded their Pin Mates line with playsets and vehicles that are in scale with the wooden figures. One of the most iconic of these playsets includes the Hall of Justice as seen in DC Comics, and they have been offering a collection of classic comic styled Pin Mates to go along with this set. In addition, they have expanded this line to the films, including Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League Movie, which several of the Pin Mates are featured in this review, and are also compatible with the Hall of Justice. Each of the properties that Bif Bang Pow! introduces in this line is in scale to each other, and you can have a dimensional crossover for your displays if you choose, which would be similar to LEGO Dimensions or Disney Infinity video games.

Recently, Scott Neitlich joined the Bif Bang Pow!/Entertainment Earth team and is on the helm of these Wooden figures. Scott is best known for creating the Masters of the Universe Classics line, as well as every product sold on Mattycollector for Mattel from 2009-2016. This includes DC Infinite Earths, Justice League Unlimited, Ghostbusters Classics, Masters of the Universe Mini’s, ThunderCats Classics, Ghostbusters prop replica’s, Back To The Future, and more. In 2018, fans can expect some big plans for this line, that will be announced during New York ToyFair 2018.

For reference purposes, here are the shopping links for everything featured in this review:

Justice League Hall of Justice Set with Superman and Bizarro – $34.99

Justice League Movie Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set of 5 – $24.99

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Aquaman Pin Mate Wooden – $4.99

Entertainment Earth


Thank you to Entertainment Earth and Bif Bang Pow! for providing their Hall of Justice and Justice League Pin Mates for review. 

Availability: July 2017



The Hall of Justice playset is made using blocks of wood, and the base measures roughly 10″ x 10″ x 5″ in height and features a justice league table, two omputer command centers, and interchangeable display screens. The front of the Hall of Justice includes the windows that are painted in a dark blue, with the words Hall of Justice above it. There are also patterns off to the sides, and the base of the front includes a part of the pool, star in the center of it and sculpture in front of the building as seen in the comics and animated series.



The inside of the building is where the Pin Mates can be placed, such as the table. computers or in front of the view screen. The view screen has three separate and interchangeable blocks, with images of Gotham City, Metropolis, and a look at Earth. The computers are detailed with white deco showcasing all of the buttons and everything else in white deco, and the table has the Justice League of America logo at the center on top. There is a lot of room to move the Pin Mates around, and eight of them can be placed at the table, or even more behind other figures.

Included with the Hall of Justice are two individually numbered Pin Mates of Superman and Bizarro. Superman is #17, and Bizarro is #51.



The Justice League Pin Mates sent over is Aquaman as he appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and a set of the team as seen in the Justice League Movie. The box set includes Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, and Wonder Woman. The deco and detail on all of these Pin Mates looks incredible, and are painted with nice crisp lines showcasing the detail in the costumes that represent the character very well. The facial details are a bit basic, with black eyes and thin red lines for the mouth, but the hair and/or mask details help bring out the likeness better.

Superman and Bizarro are based on their comic book appearances, and each have the red, blue and yellow costumes with a cape, and Bizarro has the chain around his neck and goes down his chest. Bif Bang Pow! is offering a full collection of comic book inspired DC figures that go great with this set, for those of you that prefer those over the movie figures.

Overall, the Hall of Justice is incredible, with great detail and a fun set to display. You can buy one yourself at the links above or below, along with many other Pin Mates that are available now.



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