Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Blind Bags Series 4 Review


Since our exclusive press tour at the Fisher-Price offices in 2015, we’ve been paying extra attending to what the Imaginext brand team has been working on, and for the most part their DC offerings has far exceeded expectations and this line is above and beyond what children usually play with. At the press tour and the years that followed, we learned that the Fisher-Price brand team working on the DC line is constantly looking for ideas from all eras of the DC Universe, including looking back at both old and new issues from DC Comics, getting inspiration of many different costumes and characters that appeared over the decades, and doing proper research in offering the best character choices in all of their DC offerings. This line isn’t only geared at children, as adults and especially mom’s are collecting this line due to the quality of the figures and all of the costumes and characters that are offered, in addition to the oversized figures, vehicles and playsets.

Due to the extreme difficulty of finding these blind bags in stores, we recommend purchasing a complete set or individual figures online at and This is really your best option.

Take a below at our video interview with the Imaginext brand team and see what is coming for 2018. There’s a lot of great information here that you might not find anywhere else.


Availability: May 2018


This is the fourth wave of the DC Super Friends Blind Bags, which was are finding these offerings as well as others becoming increasingly difficult to find. This wave includes Robin (Carrie Kelly), Thomas Wayne (Flashpoint), Black Lightning, Superboy, The Joker (in Disguise), and Wonder Woman (Flashpoint). Each figure is blind bagged, but there are tiny holes inside the bag so you can get an idea of who is inside rather than ripping it open to see who is inside.

Superboy is painted in his iconic black shirt, with a red Superman logo on his chest a brown belt, blue pants and black shoes. The facial details include blue eyes, with black eye brows and a mouth, and black hair. Included is a barbell that is folded and tied to indicate his super strength.

Thomas Wayne is the father of Batman, and this figure is based on the alternate Flashpoint timeline where his son, Bruce Wayne was killed in the alley, as opposed to him and his wife. In this story, Thomas Wayne takes up the place as Batman and ruthlessly kills any criminal that gets in his way. The figure is painted in a grey and black bat suit, with a Batman logo painted in red, with a black bat on his chest, and he has a black utility belt. His cape is made of fabric, and the hood is painted in black, with red eyes, and black lines for facial details. Included with Thomas Wayne is a sword.

Wonder Woman is based on her appearance on the Flashpoint timeline as seen in DC Comics. In this alternate timeline, she and Aquaman becomes a couple, which alternately leads to an all out war between the Amazons and Atlantis. She is painted in a gold helmet, blue, red and grey outfit, a white fabric cape, and a gold logo on her chest, The facial details are nicely done, with red lipstick, blue eyes and black facial details. Include is a sword.

Black Lightning is painted in his iconic black and blue outfit, with yellow lightning bolts on his chest, back and legs. Hi facial details include a black mask with yellow eyes, and the mouth and hair are painted in black. Included with Black Lightning is a blue lightning attachment that fits in both hands and across his chest.

The Joker is in disguise to look like Batman, and the figure is painted in a purple and green batsuit, with a green fabric cape. On his chest is a green logo in the shape of a J with the Joker’s head and jester hat on top of it. The mask is painted in purple, and he has white eyes, white skin, and a red mouth. Included with Joker is a purple plunger.

Robin (Carrie Kelly) is based on her appearance in Frank Millers graphic novels in The Dark Knight Returns. Robin is painted in her red and green outfit, with a yellow strap across her chest and a yellow utility belt. She also has a yellow cape made of fabric, and a yellow piece on her shoulders to hold the gold cape in place. Her head sculpt includes orange hair, with bold black goggles, black eyes with some green around them, and red lipstick. Included with Robin is a slingshot that is oversized.

Overall, collectors of the Imaginext line as well as DC Comics fans will enjoy these figures. Each figure is nicely detailed, painted and sculpted with excellent likeness to the character and story that they were featured in. We particularly love the attention to detail and the sophistication that goes into this line, and believe that the Imaginext team is doing remarkable work.


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