New York ToyFair 2020 – Top 10 Lines & Products To Look Forward Too

New York ToyFair 2020 – Top 10 Lines & Products To Look Forward Too


New York ToyFair is the show to attend to see what companies are planning for part of the year and beyond. This years show kicks off starting Saturday, February 22nd, and this is going to one exciting show to attend. Our staff will once again be tirelessly bringing you show coverage from the floor, and to be honest, this is our favorite show to attend as it’s a great show to interact with companies without the craziness that Comic-Con brings.

1. Hasbro G.I. Joe 6″ Figures

Rumors have been surfacing that Hasbro has a 6″ G.I. Joe line in the works, despite the announcement of more media to back something like this up such as an animated series. With the Snake Eyes movie coming this October, it’s possible that some of the figures will be inspired from the film, and we know that everyone wants a 6″ Snake Eyes, Storm Shadows, and an endless supply of Ninja Viper army buildings. Hasbro has announced a new G.I. Joe War on Cobra game for mobile devices. While not confirmed, the line could also have an animated inspired design to the figures. There are even reports that the line will include a convention exclusive set, which would be great to have a full G.I. Joe back.

2. Jazwares G.I. Joe Figures

Jazwares will also be offering a line of G.I. Joe action figures this year as reported from Nuremberg Toy Fair 2020. The reports state to expect a wide range of characters and that the line looks great according to those that had the privilege to check these out.

We will be bringing you coverage of this next week, so check back for images (hopefully we’ll be allowed to take some), and news coming from the show.

3. Mattel – Masters Of The Universe: Origins

This year sees the return of everyone favorite icon – He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. This will see a wide range of toys, that includes action figures, vehicles and beasts as we had reported at Power-Con 2019. It’s going to be 1982 all over again, and Mattel told us that they could potentially do more than 100 characters if this line is successful, which it most definitely will be.

The Mega Construx sets should also be on display, which is their take on LEGO type construction sets and mini-figures. Fans have already seen some MOTU characters released in the Heroes line, and they are now offering a full line just for MOTU starting this year. We’re hoping to see new waves announced, and it would be great to see He-Man in the Imaginext line as well.

4. Playmates Toys – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It’s no surprise to anyone just how much we love the Turtles property, and Playmates Toys will undoubtedly be bringing new figures to not only the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line, which the show has been cancelled as many people shouldn’t be too surprised by that. This should be an interesting year for the brand even though we have a cancelled show and that could only mean something new is in the works. and we should know what Nickelodeon and Playmates Toys has planned next.

5. NECA Toys – 2020 & 2021 Are Going To Be Amazing Years

NECA’s very own Randy Falk has taken to twitter recently and promised that 2020 and 2021 is going to be a big year for the company and that it only gets better from here. If you’ve been following the company, especially in recent years, with their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ultimate Horror, and many other lines and brands, it’s going to be mind blowing on how it can even get better than how it is now, but if any company can only find a new way to improve, it’s them. Look for a lot of truly awesome reveals like a day or so before New York ToyFair, as well as during the event.

6. Mattel – Masters of the WWE Universe

Mattel’s WWE/Masters of the Universe figures will likely see new reveals this show along with their Masters of the Universe Origins figures. While the Masters of the WWE Universe are exclusive to Wal-Mart, Masters of the Universe Origins will have a wide distribution. These combine WWE superstars with Masters of the Universe elements. The first wave is out now, it’s hard to find but it’s out, and the new waves are coming up.

7. DC Collectibles – Batman Animated Figures

DC Collectibles just announced a new limited edition Batman animated comic book series that fits in with the 1990’s series along with the entire Bruce Timm animated-verse. The comic book series will introduce new characters, and DC Collectibles has also announced some of these figures ahead of ToyFair, which can be seen in their latest Solicitations.

8. DC Collectibles – DC Essentials Figures

DC Collectibles flagship line called DC Essentials will continue this year, and DC Collectibles has already announced a DCeased zombified figures in the line from the popular comic book. This line should be seeing more classic DC characters announced and hopefully they’ll even make the canceled DC Icons characters in this line like that did with Sinestro.

9. Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo 2.5″ and 4″ Figures

Every month, we submit questions to our friend Craig Drobis, and he is the SVP of Marketing for boys action figures and collectors for Jakks Pacific. In our Q&A, most of the people that submit these questions ask about World of Nintendo, and even make suggestions about characters, play sets, including castles that they want to see in the line. It’s a great line for gamers, and fans of Super Mario, and this is always one booth to check out. Jakks should have on hand new reveals for the line, and we’re hoping a new Castle playset. Get caught up and read the latest Q&A by clicking HERE!

10. It’s all about ThunderCats

Thunder Thunder ThunderCats! HOOOOOO! It’s going to be about ThunderCats this year as far as we’re concerned. Super7 will undoubtedly have new reveals in the Ultimate line, as well as other things they have cooked up with the Four Horsemen and other designers. Since ThunderCats Roar failed, some fans have been asking if Bandai could be allowed to finish unproduced toys from the 2011 series toy line that was cancelled, leaving both 4″ and 6″ figures not to be made as well as some core characters never to reach production. We’ll be talking with Bandai America at the show about this. So make sure to check periodically for coverage.

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