Mattel WWE Ultimates Undertaker & Kane Figures Now $23.99 On Amazon


Mattel’s newly released WWE Ultimate Edition Undertaker and Kane figure is now $23.99 on Amazon, when you click the coupon box. The Undertaker is based on his appearance in 1999, as he was the leader of the of the Ministry, a villainous faction in Wrestling. Kane comes in the Big Red Machine’s debut attire, including soft goods cape, and two head sculpts (hair swept forward, hair swept back). These figures can be purchased now by clicking HERE! and HERE!

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Kane, Undertaker and additional figures are also available on Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore.

Head for pure darkness with the leader of the Ministry himself, The Undertaker in Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition 11! Undertaker has three interchangeable head scans with white eyes and a protruding tongue, a determined look and a long haired, Attitude-Era style ministry look. With over 30 points of articulation, this figure gives Undertaker a broad-shouldered look like never before and  featured accurate tattoos, elbow pads and MMA-style gloves. He also includes a removable dark lord style entrance coat with silver straps and is rounded out with tall black boots and interchangeable gloved-hand accessories!