Mattel Creations Exclusive – WWE Ultimate Edition Cody Rhodes Figure Review



Last July, Mattel Creations offered a made-to-order pre-order for their WWE Ultimate Edition Cody Rhodes Figure that is their celebration offering of his return to WWE. Cody Rhodes is based on his appearance in WrestleMania 38, where he competes and defeats Seth “Freakin” Rollins. Cody Rhodes makes his debut in the WWE Ultimate Edition line and comes in special packaging, along with his entrance attire, interchangeable hands and heads.

Thank you to Mattel and the WWE Brand Team for sending along their WWE Ultimate Edition Cody Rhodes figure for review. 

Availability: May 2023

The packaging for Cody Rhodes includes a brown shipping box, with a spot for a label, along with logo’s including Mattel Creations and a description of what’s inside. On the top of this brown mailer box, it says Opening Music, and. Cue Dramatic Box. Inside, there’s a box with his face on the front, an image and artwork on the sides, Welcome Home Cody on top, and artwork on the back. This part of the packaging also includes artwork, including The Prodigal Son Returns on top, and a bio on the back. The figure itself is packaged in a window box with a cover that pulls down, which can be pulled down and held together with velcro. The cover becomes a ramp, with great looking artwork. Cody Rhodes is featured in-front and packaged in a plastic tray. There’s a box with accessories below him, and to remove it you need to open up the bottom of the box and slip it out.


Cody Rhodes gets his return debut figure in the Ultimate Edition line, and comes in his entrance jacket as seen at WrestleMania 38. The jacket is made of vinyl, with plastic shoulder pads that are metallic gold. The entrance jacket comes in the red, blue, white and gold patterns, with the American Nightmare symbol on the back. The jacket is held closed in front with velcro, which you can undue to open it and remove it.

His belt can be placed around his waist, and comes in the accessory box along with the heads and hands. The belt has the Nightmare logo and artwork on the front.

Cody Rhodes comes in his tights that look more like a yellow-mustard color rather than gold, with white and red symbols and patterns on the pants, white boots with the American Nightmare symbol on the sides and a black stripe along the bottom.

The head sculpts each have a great likeness with three unique expressions (normal, smiling and yelling/screaming), each with nicely done facial details, and the top of the neck tattoo is also placed on the right side. On his chest he has the Dream tattoo, along with hair around it.

Cody Rhodes includes his entrance jacket, three interchangeable heads, three interchangeable sets of hands, and a belt.

The three sets of interchangeable hands include open grip, closed fisted, and open position with the fingers sculpted apart, and with the three heads you have many different options to pose and display him, as we’ve seen with other Ultimate Edition figures.

Cody Rhodes fits in nicely with the collection and the entrance jacket makes him one of the more colorful releases in the line. Overall, Mattel’s WWE brand team have once again outdone themselves and offered a great figure to mark Cody Rhodes return to the WWE. If you missed the pre-order on him, then you’re going to have to go to the secondary market, as he’s a fantastic figure that you should own.

Also make sure to pick up the WWE Elite Collection Series 101 Cody Rhodes figure, as it’s a similar version to the outfit, without the entrance jacket.


Mattel Creations – Pre-Order window closed on July 29th, 2022.


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