Mattel WWE Ghostbusters Crossover Figures Review


Who Ya Gonna Call? WWE Superstars!

For the first-time in the brands history, WWE and Ghostbusters franchises collide into one spectacular toy line that is coming to Wal-Mart stores in October 2019 in the US. Mattel had previously offered Ghostbusters figures through Mattycollector and a selection of figures through the general market such as the 2016 Ghostbusters movie and the 1984 Ghostbusters with the Ghostbusters logo that you can build, and is currently offering WWE figures. Both franchises come together to offer the best of both, with great character selections, fabric clothing and green slime. This wave includes Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, The Rock, and The Undertaker as the Deadman.

Thank you to Mattel for providing their WWE Ghostbusters Crossover Figures for review.

Availability: October 2019

Each figure is packaged in a window box with artwork consisting of WWE Elite Collectionlogo  and Ghostbusters green slime on the front, their names, pictures and slime on the sides, and nicely done artwork on the back showcasing the Unidertaker’s powers as he squares off against the Ghostbusters.


The WWE superstars are geared up in Ghostbusters outfits with each one being unique to the character. The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin are each given similar fabric Ghostbusters uniforms with The Rock’s being sleeveless, and Steve Austin having sleeves. The uniforms include their name badges on the upper left sides, and Steve Austin has the Ghostbusters logo on the right sleeve. John Cena and Shawn Michaels are given completely unique uniforms from each other, with Cena getting a black fabric shirt, and Shawn Michaels getting a soft plastic grey sleeveless shirt. John Cena has the Ghostbusters logo on the right sleeve, and they each have name badges on the left side. The proton packs are all the same and include shoulder straps, and the Neutrino Wand can be placed in their hands or hung up on the side of the packs.

The Rock and Steve Austin’s uniforms are removable with velcro in the front. John Cena’s shirt is removable wit the velcro in the back, and Shawn Michaels’s shirt can be lifted over his head. Each of the figures also have a belt that is removable, and The Rock and Steve Austin have knee pads over the fabric uniforms that are also removable. Once the Ghostbusters uniforms, accessories and gear is removed, you see that these figure sculpts are reused from the WWE Elite series by Mattel.


The Rock and Steve Austin are in black shirts, with The Rock’s being sleeveless, and both figures have green deco on the shirts that reads Team Bring It, and Austin 3:16. This deco is meant to resemble slime and this shade of green also shows on John Cena’s and Shawn Michaels bands. The Rock also has black shorts with white text, knee pads, boots, elbow pads, and a tattoo on his right arm. Stone Cold Steve Austin also has black shorts, knee pads, boots, wrist bands, and comes with a ringside black vest with grey deco that reads Austin, 3:30 and an image of a skull. John Cena is in light grey and black trunks, with black and grey shoes, two Ghostbusters logo on the right wrist band, two logo’s on the other, and an arm band that reads Never Give Up. He also has his iconic chain that is removable. Shawn Michaels comes in grey pants with black and green patterns going down the sides, black and silver shoes, black wrist bands with green symbols, and a tattoo on his left arm. Shawn Michaels comes with a hat with a Ghostbusters logo on it, and a Ghost trap.


The Undertaker is cast in translucent purple plastic and comes with his winged eagle Championship belt.   The clothing has a darker shade than the skin tone. The head sculpt is nicely done and he has white eyes, and a removable hat. The Championship belt is green with gold deco. The Undertaker also has his tattoos that you can see through the plastic.

The articulation of these figures is the same as the WWE Elite collection as these appear to be all reused figure sculpts.

Overall, Mattel’s WWE Ghostbusters figures are excellent, and bring the best of both franchises together. The fabric uniforms are of great quality and the overall design and look of these figures is a high-end take this crossover line. The paint applications are solid and also of great quality, as are the facial sculpts and accessories. Ghostbusters and WWE fans will surely want to pick these up.