ToyHypeUSA Presents Our Top 5 Favorite Playsets For 2018

This year, several top toy companies introduced some outstanding playsets to use with your action figures and collectibles. We’ve compiled a list of our personal favorite Top 5 playsets that will make great gifts this holiday season, and add joy to your growing collections.

Playmates Toys Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Epic Sewer Playset 


Playmates Toys brand new Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Epic Sewer Playset includes Splinter’s Dojo, Raphael’s Weight Training Room, Leonardo’s Rotating Weapon storage wall, Michelangelo’s arcade, the catapult Basketball hoop, hidden projectile launchers for villain invasions, rotating skateboard ramp, collapsing balcony, and so much more. This is also one half of the sets that can stack on top of each other, making this the largest TMNT playset ever released.

Take a look from our New York ToyFair 2018 coverage, which includes both playsets on display that are connected. The second playset is set for a 2019 release.

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Mattel WWE Retro Ring Playset


Mattel has gone Retro with their WWE figures and this year they introduced a brand new ring for this line. This ring is a new take on the classic Hasbro design, and is NOT a reissue contrary to some toy reviews out there. We’ve reviewed this ring earlier this year, and pays a great tribute to the classic one. If you had this set in the early 1990’s, you will recall how many hours of fun it was to recreate some epic matches in the golden age of wresting. Now, Mattel is offering many different era’s of wrestling done in the retro style, with both Legends and today’s stars. This playset can be used for them all, not to mention its also compatible with Hasbro’s WWE figures.

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Funko DC Primal Age Batcave

What is old is new again, and Funko’s Savage World line-up, and now their Dc Primal Age figures pay great homage to the figures and toys of the 1980’s. The figures are bulkier and features 5 points of articulation, just as you remember from the good old days. There new DC Primal Age line follows the original Masters of the Universe toyline with not only figures and beasts, but also this new Batcave playset that pays tribute to the vintage Castle Grayskull playset. This set is also compatible with all of their Savage World figures, including ThunderCats, Horror icons, upcoming Conan and other lines, not to mention the vintage figures of the 1980’s.

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Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Wayne Manor Batcave

This is the second Batcave we’ve chosen in our Top 5 favorite playsets this year, as Fisher Prime continues to offer such great sets in their DC Imageinext line. This set is a combination of Wayne Manor and the Batcave, and is best compatible with 2″ figures. We just reviewed this set in time for the holidays, and we feel this is a perfect gift for kids and adults that collect the Imaginext line.

Make sure to pick this up for the holidays, and go see what else is being offered on right now.


Disney Store Exclusive Star Wars Toy Box Millennium Falcon


The Disney Store has expanded their Toy Box line with oversized figures, vehicles and playsets, which includes this Millennium Falcon set released just in time of the holidays. The Millennium Falcon can store at least half a dozen figures, and features removable panels that allow figures to stand around the playset. The set comes with Chewbacca and Han Solo, and make sure to check out our review of this set right HERE.

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Other mentions include Super7’s Planet Of The Apes ReAction Statue Of Liberty Playset, and several upcoming playsets that includes Hasbro’s Star Wars Sail Barge, and Super7’s Masters of the Universe Classics Snake Mountain.